Top Family-Friendly Restaurants Kids Will Love in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ diverse and ever-changing restaurant scene keeps foodies on their toes, as there’s always something new to excite even the blandest palate. From cozy bistros that serve comfort food to pop up restaurants that serve wildly creative meals, the possibilities are endless if you’re planning to go on a food trip in LA. For those who are traveling with children and are worried that the city may lack kid-friendly eateries, don’t fret — there’s plenty of restaurants and cafes that cater to families. Some of these places even offer facilities where children can amuse themselves. If you’re heading to the City of Stars for a trip with the little ones, check out these fantastic family-friendly restaurants in LA.

Kitchen Mouse- N. Figueroa Street, Highland Park

If you’re traveling to LA from another country, it’s best to do your research first on where to eat, especially if any member of the family has allergies or food sensitivities. Going on a family holiday abroad can present a lot of challenges, from packing the right clothes to finding appropriate accommodations. But once you’ve figured all these out and you've chosen the restaurants that you’ll visit on your trip, it can be gratifying to try out some new cuisine, both for you and your little ones.

For your first breakfast in LA, check out Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park. This charming restaurant has a dedicated play area, and it offers vegetarian and vegan fare that will appeal to even the most finicky eater. They provide classic kid favorites such as mac and cheese made with brown rice elbow macaroni in a luscious “cheese” sauce made from veggies and nuts. They also have treats for those with a sweet tooth, such as snickerdoodle pancakes. Meanwhile, adults can feast on Breakfast Tacos made with scrambled eggs or tofu, and they can share a Sunshine Bowl-- a granola and cashew yogurt dish served with pepitas, fruits, and vanilla bean maple syrup-- with the kids.

Button Mash- 1391 Sunset Blvd.

Love to play arcade games with your kids? Then visit Button Mash, which features a stunning array of old-school arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and Galaga, among others. This place looks to the East for menu inspiration, serving hearty fares such as Double-Fried Ginger Chicken Wings, Spicy Korean Pork Belly Sandwich, and Galangal Chicken Fried Rice. It’s the perfect place to be if you want to have a beautiful, filling lunch in a lively environment. It’s also an excellent place for dinner; however, the restaurant turns into a bar at 9 pm, so make sure to head to this establishment at about 7 pm or earlier so you can have a great meal before the 21 and above crowd takes over.

Lemon Tree Family Restaurant- MaDang Courtyard, 621 S Western Avenue

Families with little kids will love Lemon Tree Family Restaurant as there are a lot of things that can keep children happy while they’re there. This Koreatown establishment features a 2,000-sq. Ft indoor playground, which has a carousel, ball pit, a dollhouse, jungle gym, and more. This restaurant serves familiar fare such as seafood cream pasta, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, salads, and pizzas. Still, they also offer authentic Korean dishes such as Kimchi Fried Rice and Bulgogi. End the meal with a sweet treat and order Patbingsu (a traditional shaved ice dessert) or a slice of cheesecake, and savor a cafe latte or an espresso while your children amuse themselves at the playground.

LA is a beautiful place to visit if you’re going on holiday with your family. Check out these kid-friendly restaurants during your stay for great food and lots of fun!