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The Top Trends In Fine Dining, From Gourmet Garden Weddings To Mixing Up The Menu

Americans are feeling the pinch, and yet, one of the areas not suffering is catering. According to MarketWatch, the average American spends more every month on restaurants and takeouts, bringing restaurants back from the brink. Part of the reason for this is flexibility. While couples are paying more in restaurants, they’re spending less elsewhere -…
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Where To Eat in Augusta, Georgia

Although Augusta, Georgia, is widely known as the golfing capital of the country, the Masters' Tournament attracts players and fans from across the world. As a result, garden City is also home to restaurants, coffee shops, taverns, and other eating establishments. From steak houses and taverns to coffee shops and bistros, here’s a closer look at…
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Miami’s Top Vegan Dining Choices 

Florida is the 8th best state in the US for vegans, but it is only 15th in the number of restaurants that cater to them. Meat-free diners who are planning to visit Miami need not worry, though. There are many plant-based eateries in the city, ranging from casual meals to fine dining. Whether you’re a vegetarian, a fruitarian, or…
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Top Family-Friendly Restaurants Kids Will Love in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ diverse and ever-changing restaurant scene keeps foodies on their toes, as there’s always something new to excite even the blandest palate. From cozy bistros that serve comfort food to pop up restaurants that serve wildly creative meals, the possibilities are endless if you’re planning to go on a food trip in LA. For those who…
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New York Cafes For The Artsy Crowd 

Cafes have a history of attracting artists as regular places that both promote conversation and inspire creativity. Take, for instance, La Rotonde in Paris, which was frequented by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and Juan Gris. There’s also La Dome, which counts Paul Gauguin as one of its regular patrons. Nowadays, artists still make…
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