Top Food Bloggers to Follow in Portland

Get to know these food bloggers to follow in Portland! 

Updated January 9, 2022

Most people go to the browser, hit search, and check out food bloggers to find brief information and reviews whether the restaurants cater good food, give accommodating customer service, have a great ambiance to dine in. 

Bloggers give the audience what they want. The restaurant review recommended dishes and tips before going. People rely on their information to find where to eat and what to eat. They are also considered food influencers as they use the webpage and other social media platforms to post pictures and create blogs about their food and the restaurants where they eat them.

Here are three Where To Eat Guide's favorite food blogger who is enthusiastic about Portland's food scene! 

Urban Bliss Life

Marlynn Jayme Schotland

Marlynn Jayme Schotland is a cookbook author, full-time food, wine, travel blogger, and mom of two teens. She's been developing family-friendly recipes, wine pairings, wine tasting guides, and travel guides on her blog,, since 2004.

Urban Bliss Life provides a vibrant, colorful, positive celebration of food, wine, and travel. Recipes in the blog are developed for fellow busy parents. Easy as there are no complicated methods or hard-to-find ingredients. And delicious. Those kinds of recipes are also the focus of her cookbooks, The Super Easy Teen Baking Cookbook and The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Meal Prep Cookbook.

Living on the edge of Oregon wine country, Marlynn loves helping her audience with wine tasting itineraries in the Willamette Valley and suggesting wine pairings to match her recipes. She holds a WSET 2 with Distinction wine certification. Moreover, she is constantly immersed in wine education. She also continues to travel the world as much as possible to create travel guides that help her audience find the best places to eat, stay, and play around the globe.

You can connect with Marlynn through her blog, @UrbanBlissLife, on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; and through her weekly newsletter that goes out every Sunday morning.

Pechluck’s Food Adventures


Pechluck at @pechluck on Instagram and shares her food adventures in the Portland, Oregon area or where her food-centered travels may take her. Her social media and blog posts highlight small and local businesses. She shares the atmosphere and unique and best dishes from that food creator. In addition, she also shares a dish-by-dish recap of multicourse chef tastings on her blog.

Female Foodie

Brooke Eliason is the founder of Female Foodie, food media brand fueled by an all-female team. Female Foodie shares trustworthy, unbiased restaurant guides to different cities across the U.S., including Portland. After the pandemic hit in the beginning of 2020, Brooke began sharing restaurant-inspired recipes. As a result, it has been an incredibly popular and continuing series among Female Foodie readers. Brooke and her team hope that you'll join their community at one of their recommended restaurants or in the kitchen, because life's too short to eat bad food.