Top Restaurants 30 Minutes From Portland

Before being a Portland influencer, some of my best memories from being young happened in the kitchen. I spent a lot of time with my great-grandmother while my parents worked, and she taught me many of her classic recipes. She had the best pie crust, the best gravy, the best-fried chicken, the best EVERYTHING. When I make her fried chicken now, I can’t believe she was patient enough to let me help her through the messy process! But this is where my love for food and cooking came from.

Angie Eats Oregon began when I started writing restaurant reviews on Yelp. I also discovered that I love taking pictures of food to share my experiences with others. As a registered nurse by day, my food blog gives me a creative outlet that brings me a lot of joy every day.

Having started my foodie page only a few months before the pandemic hit. I wanted to grow a platform where I could support locally-owned restaurants and other businesses in my area. So here we are. I also share recipes I make at home.

I grew up and still live about 30 minutes south of Portland, so I try a wide array of restaurants around the Portland Metropolitan Area. Here are a few of my local favorites. Next time you venture out for food and look for something new, set your sights on one of these.

Maw Maw’s Cajun Kitchen

It’s not always easy to find a good Southern meal here in Oregon, but Maw-Maw’s gets it right. The owner, Michelle Eads, was raised in Louisiana and brought classic Southern recipes with fresh ingredients and unique flavors! My favorite thing to order is the shrimp po’boy; make sure and get some hush puppies and mustard greens on the side. Don’t forget the elephant ear for dessert. She also serves breakfast on the weekends with biscuits and gravy.

Maw Maw’s is located in a food cart pod in downtown Oregon City called Corner 14, so get your meal from Maw Maw’s and enjoy it by the fire with a boozy beverage. Corner 14 often has live music on the weekends and ax-throwing too! 

Filbert’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Filbert’s is the perfect combination of comfort food with a fine-dining feel. It is located in the historic district of Aurora in an 1800s farmhouse nestled on a green hillside. The cuisine is American comfort food with classic flavors, like meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, and macaroni and cheese. My favorite item on their menu is the Carlton Farms Bone-in Pork Chop, topped with bacon-onion marmalade. The deviled eggs are excellent as an appetizer, and you’ve got to order the bread pudding for dessert!

Filbert’s also has an excellent cocktail menu and wine selection; sit out on the patio with a glass of wine during the summer and enjoy the sophisticated yet comforting vibe. Antiques are displayed all around the restaurant.

Siren Song Bar

If you’re looking for a quaint, classy whiskey bar paired with food that can only be described as a “flavor explosion,” you’ve got to visit Siren Song. Owner Matt Morrissey and Executive Chef Justin Rouse opened this fun venue in downtown Canby last year. Siren Song stands out for the expertly crafted cocktails with an excellent selection of whiskies and a good food menu that includes daily champagne and oyster happy hour! My favorite thing to order is the Siren Song Charred Wings that Chef Justin glazes with orange marmalade and toasted sesame. 

Siren Song’s sister restaurant, Wayward Sandwiches, is down the street, and you can order from that menu while at Siren Song. Chef Justin is a genius in how he crafts his dishes with bold flavors and fresh, seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced.

The Hive Social

The Hive focuses on using fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, and it shines through in every one of their dishes. Plus, they change their menu seasonally so you can get a taste of all the flavors the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Brunch is my go-to meal here. My favorite things to order include waffles, biscuits and gravy with fried chicken, and aebleskivers. They also craft a fantastic cocktail, and I’ve spent many a weekend morning here loading up on Spanish coffees. 

The dinner menu currently includes dishes such as Seared Duck Housemade Pappardelle with Hazelnut Pesto and a Kabocho Pumpkin Risotto with Pepitas and Pecorino. So treat yourself to a Pacific Northwest-inspired meal in Oregon City at this cute venue with a modern and classy vibe.

 About the Author:

Angie, the creator behind Angie Eats Oregon, was born and raised in Oregon, and she loves showcasing her food adventures through photography and videos.  She and her husband Dan spend a lot of time traveling around the state, finding the best eats and hiking spots.

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