Top Restaurnats for Cyclists Visiting Boulder, Colorado

It is no wonder that former U.S. pro-cyclist Tyler Hamilton changed from skiing to cycling when he lived and studied in Boulder, Colorado, for 20 years. As he states, "Boulder is a playground for sports lovers on two wheels or two legs." And in addition to being an excellent place for active types, there are so many bars and eateries where you can fuel up and energize for your next route or competition. Consuming healthy, nutritious meals is crucial for cyclists, and this is truer than ever when they are on the go since they may be riding several miles in a day and will need the right amount of carbs, proteins, and antioxidants to perform at their best. If you are cycling through the Boulder area, and ask yourself, "where do I eat in Boulder?", try dining at these top spots.

Staring the Day Healthily

Breakfast is an essential meal for cyclists. They may spend various hours of their morning honing their fitness on routes like Walker Ranch (ideal for mountain bikers), Boulder Roubaix Route (for those into gravel), and the NCAR Climb (for those working on really giving those quads a good workout). Your first meal of the day should ideally involve a slow-glucose-release carb, a lean protein source, and a couple of healthy fruits. One ideal stop for breakfast is the Snooze Eatery, where you can order dishes like the Breakfast Sammie, featuring warm brioche bread filled with green goddess cream cheese, an egg, bacon, and citrus-dressed arugula. You can also opt for toast with avocado and egg, a fruit bowl, or oatmeal, topped with beautiful fruits of the forest. Also serving fuel-packed breakfasts is the Modern Market Eatery - both of which serve health-conscious breakfasts featuring dressings made from scratch, hand-juiced drinks, and hand-kneaded dough. Finally, try Walnut Café for everything from avocado tortillas to scrambled eggs and toast.

Enjoying Your Snack Break

After an hour or two of exercise, having a snack will ensure your energy levels remain stable. As a cyclist, it is important to be light on your feet, and that means enjoying a carb boost that is nevertheless not too high in calories or fat. A healthy, low-glucose snack bar, a small handful of dates, and a small energy drink will keep you powered up. If you have enjoyed a bevy of snacks, but your cycling workout was cut short, you might want to burn calories on an elliptical later in the day. Keep your pace steady and within your ideal BPM for weight loss. Use your arms to burn a few more calories on the elliptical than you would be using your feet alone. If you are cycling or working out for around an hour only and wish to enjoy a snack with friends, top spots to head for include the New Moon Bakery and Café (try the warm egg-battered tortilla). Also, Flower Child (the right choice for vegetarian cyclists) or Fresh Thymes Eatery (where everything is gluten-free) are great spots.

Replenishing Lost Fuel at Lunch or Dinner

After cycling for a few hours, you will need to replace calories lost and replenished muscle glycogen. You should also consume protein so that muscles can repair themselves. Your meal should comprise around 40 grams of protein and about 80 grams of carbohydrates. A nice bagel, salad with protein (think chicken, beef, or proteins) or a wok dish with rice will be perfect. Top spots for a healthy main meal include Naked Lunch (with excellent, freshly prepared sandwiches), Whole Sol Blend Bar (with a focus on organic food), and Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant (the Jamaican Jerk Tempeh is the best on Pearl St).

Boulder, with its numerous opportunities for outdoor fun, is a mecca for cyclists - as much for its natural sites as for its food. Whether gluten- or meat-free dishes float your boat, you will find precisely what you are looking for in a plethora of eateries and bistros. Ensure you also pack nutritious snacks like dates and cereal bars before you set off for your daily cycle. These will stand you in good stead when you are up on a mountain, and you start feeling a little peckish, keen to get through your workout so you can meet friends for a delicious and filling meal in the city.