Valentine’s Day in the Emerald City

Place Pigalle Restaurant and Bar. Photo credit: Jason Trinkle

This year the romantic holiday falls on a Sunday, and many restaurants are also offering their Valentine’s menu on Friday and Saturday.  We know it can be stressful trying to plan an impressive and romantic date, but never fear …  we at The Eat Guide have you covered. Take your Valentine to one of the following Seattle establishments and you’re bound to get lucky!

Bacco Cafe

 Photo credit: Bacco Cafe Facebook

Bacco Cafe

Just waking up with a significant other on Valentine’s Day?  Get your day started by treating your special one to a delicious brunch and freshly squeezed juice at Bacco Cafe in Pike Place Market.  You can choose from a variety of  juice concoctions such as the “Firenze” which is a combination of kiwi, grapefruit, and lime or the “Abruzzo” which consists of grapefruit and orange.  A few brunch favorites are Dungeness Crab Omelet with avocado and cheese, Brioche French Toast and  Ultimate Grilled Cheese.  Don’t crawl out of bed too late though, as Bacco is only open from 7 am - 3 pm.

Taylor Shellfish

 Photo credit: Taylor Shellfish Facebook

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bars

Not only are oysters notorious aphrodisiacs, but at Taylor Shellfish they are incredibly fresh and tasty.  If you’re looking to spice up your romantic evening, Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar should definitely be your first stop. A few locations are strategically placed around the city:  Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square and Queen Anne, allowing you to capture the love derived from these oysters no matter where you live in the city.  Begin the evening with a dozen sustainably farmed, freshly shucked, Kumamotos, Olympias and Shigokus.  


Photo credit: Benihana


Valentine’s Day with the family?  Benihana is a perfect place to take the kids, as they will be mesmerized by their own personal chef who demonstrates culinary showmanship while preparing a delicious meal.  For the adults, a warm glass of sake or two will keep your romantic coals ignited even after the kids go to bed.


Photo credit: Japonessa Facebook


Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Japonessa is a Japanese restaurant with a Latino flair.   Impress your date with your knowledge of the Spanish language by sharing that Japonessa translates to “Japanese Woman.”   This restaurant is really for seafood lovers because it serves  some of the best sushi in the city.  You will find sushi rolls that are uniquely decorated with ingredients like jalapeño and mango.  Traditional sashimi and yakisoba are also on the menu.


Place Pigalle

Photo credit: Stephanie Forrer

Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle is located in a tiny corner right behind the iconic Pike Place Market sign.  This quaint and very special restaurant is a perfect place for the romantic couple seeking a more intimate setting.  On Valentine’s day only, there will be a special four-course meal.  A few options on this special menu include Veal Sweetbreads, Oysters, French onion soup, Arctic Char, Beetroot Ravioli and a Bistro Filet.  You must end your romantic evening meal with the famous “Pot de Creme” paired with an aged port.  This velvety chocolate dish is something that even the nicest person will not be willing to share, so you might consider ordering two.

Il BistroPhoto credit: Il Bistro Facebook

Il Bistro

Remember the romantic spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp”?  You can re-enact that sultry moment with your loved one over a bowl of house-made pasta at the dimly lit, ultra-romantic Il Bistro.  

That’s amore!


Photo credit: Fonté Cafe & Wine Bar Facebook 


If you’ve followed our advice for Valentine’s Day, a room at the Four Seasons Hotel just may be where you wake up on Monday morning.  If you are lucky enough to pull this off, don’t forget a morning stop at Fonté where the specialty is single-origin espressos.  A sprinkle of cayenne pepper on that coffee could re-ignite that Valentine flame.