Vegan Food Trucks in Bend, OR

Everyone seems to have an opinion about vegan food. Working in the BBQ industry, I realized that veganism, as an ideology, has fooled a lot of people into thinking that they have to be strictly vegan to eat vegan food. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! As someone who was raised vegetarian, I’ve always enjoyed vegan food, but I boast a wide palate and a diverse diet. Veganism ties back into my belief that we should constantly be searching for more ethical and sustainable ways to source our food. Vegan food has the stigma of being bland or boring, so I compiled a list of my favorite all-vegan food trucks in Bend for you to adventure with! Hence, grab a pint and try something new knowing there are options right next door for the pickier eaters in your pack.

Toasty Food Cart at Podski

Nacho Crunchwrap | Toasty

You’ll find Toasty nestled between other food trucks at Podski. Podski is the local favorite outdoor food truck lot for delicious food and brews. They boast a fully vegan menu that includes salad, sandwiches, burritos, bowls, and classic comfort food. You can’t try this food cart without trying their nacho crunch wrap, a delicious vegan take on the traditional grab-and-go food made famous by Taco Bell. In the same way, it’s loaded with Beyond Beef, beans, cheddar cashew queso, avo, tostada, onion, tomato, lettuce, lime crema, and hot sauce before being toasted to Toasty delicious perfection! Absolutely mouth-watering and a regular staple on take-out nights at my house.

Lively Up Yourself Food Cart at The Yacht Club

BBQ Plate | Lively Up Yourself

Lively Up Yourself at the Midtown Yacht Club was an immediate hit at our house. Who doesn’t love good old-fashioned comfort food? My two favorite dishes here are the BBQ plate and the BLT(+A) wrap. The BBQ Plate boasts jackfruit and seitan ribz, mac n’cheeze, grilled cornbread, baked beans, steamed greens, and ranch for dipping. The BLT Wrap, which I always add avocado to, has “All Vegetarian” brand bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup. In addition, get this, breakfast potatoes all wrapped up in a warm, grilled tortilla. Lively Up Yourself nails both their flavor and texture profiles perfectly!

A Broken Angel Food Cart at Spoken Moto

Griddle Cakes | A Broken Angel

A Broken Angel food cart has been serving Bend since 2016. I love this truck because they don’t use any meat substitutes: you’re looking at pure, unadulterated, vegan OG deliciousness. They’re located at Spoken Moto which makes them a perfect spot to stop for brunch! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. Everything is made with the best organic and local ingredients and the utmost care as well! My staple favorite? The “Big Country” breakfast plate boasts biscuits, wild mushroom gravy, and a delightful tofu scramble made with seasonal local veggies. They have a wide variety on their menu including sweet griddle cakes, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, soups, salads, and entrees PLUS a seasonally rotating specials menu.


Written by Ariel Rose

Ariel Rose, a.k.a. The BBQueer, was born and raised in Bend, OR. She has always had a passion for food, mostly focusing on local and sustainable options. Although she can eat and cook just about anything under the sun, she was raised a vegetarian and loves to explore her plant-based roots, especially on the grill. Ariel can be found experimenting on her Traeger, hanging out at local food trucks, sipping local brews, traveling, hiking, writing poetry, paddleboarding, bouldering, and…well you get the idea.

IG: @the_BBQueer