Where To Eat Vegetarian and Vegan in Bend, Oregon!

Our diet is a lifestyle.

There are many kinds of diet or a fixed plan for eating and drinking. Some are for weight loss, and some are for weight gain. And, two of the most popular ones are the vegan diet and vegetarian diet. Vegans and vegetarians choose not to meat. Both are plant-based diets. While the concept looks the same, there is a significant difference between the two. In this article, we will talk about what sets them apart.

What is a vegetarian diet?

Vegetarians do not consume food and other by-products from animal slaughter. This includes the following: meat such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, and other stocks from animal slaughter. However, they can take byproducts that do not involve animal slaughter, like eggs, dairy products such as milk and cheese.

What is a vegan diet?

Vegan is a stricter form of the vegetarian diet. It prohibits the consumption of ALL animal products whether or not involving slaughter. People following this kind of diet also avoid using soap, clothes, and other products containing animals parts. Vegans extend this principle beyond health reasons.

If you are living or just visiting Central Oregon and you follow either of these diets, here are some of the best restaurants with vegetarian and vegan selections.

Pastini| 375 SW Powerhouse Drive | 541-749-1060

Pastini serves up two of life’s greatest pleasures: pasta and wine. Overlooking the Deschutes River with a beautiful patio on the water, visit us to experience artisan plates of pasta like Cavatappi and Pappardelle. Still, we’ll understand if you can’t pass up our delicious spaghetti and meatballs.

Crater Lake| 1024 NW Bond Street, Ste 102 | 541-318-0200

Tasting room for Crater Lake Spirits, offering mini cocktails, tasters, and bottles for purchase. Most awarded small-batch distillery in the U.S.

Pho Viet & Cafe| 1326 NE 3rd Street | 541-382-2929

Proud to be the first Vietnamese restaurant in Central Oregon. Hot Pho Bowl Cures Colds & Hangovers!

The Phoenix | 594 NE Bellevue Drive | 541-317-0727

A fusion of incredible international flavors prepared with the freshest ingredients. Join us for lunch and dinner in a charming atmosphere. Outstanding entrees from meatloaf to filet mignon.

Laurie’s Grill | 415 NE 3rd Street | 541-330-8955

All-day breakfast house with lunch and dinner, featuring a full bar and happy hour. Family-owned and operated.

La Rosa | 2763 NW Crossing Drive | 541-647-1624

At La Rosa, our family prides itself on distinct and authentic flavors. Freshness and creativity is the stamp we place on all our dishes. Fresh fish, vegetables, meats, and spices combined in both new and traditional ways bring out the true flavors of Mexico.