Where To Eat in Boise, Idaho

Whether you’re just passing through or planning on staying a while, it’s important to get a lay of the land foodwise in any new city. A meal can make or break your memory of a place, so choose your restaurants wisely. Boise, Idaho has some great and unexpected culinary treats in store for you.

Locally Sourced

Another husband and wife team have created a winning eatery in Boise, appropriately called Fork. This restaurant located in the 1891 Boise City National Bank, prides itself on its “loyal to local” program, promising to purchase as many of its ingredients as possible from the farmers and other food and drink purveyors in the Northwest region of the country. They list almost 30 local companies who they deal with including City Peanut Shop and Boise Fresca Tortilla. The menu shows depth from grain bowls to steaks.

Healthy Eating

Located in the 1893 Idaho Building, Wild Root Café features vegetarian, vegan and wheat-free options in its breakfast, brunch and lunch menus. The brainchild of two married chefs, Wild Root Café offers a variety of healthy and trendy foods like avocado toast, grain bowls and bone broth soup, not to mention soups, salads and egg (or tofu) scrambles. If reading le-vel thrive reviews has increased your desire to live a healthier lifestyle, add this restaurant to your list.

European Flair

When was the last time you had Basque food? If you answered never, you’re not alone. The locals of Boise, however, have been enjoying food and drink from the Basque region of Europe in the western Pyrenees Mountains at Bar Gernika Basque Pub and Eatery housed in a historic building that was once a Chinese laundry. A small simple menu featuring fancy grilled cheese and Basque sausage sandwich complement the extensive bar.

Sensory Feast

Any restaurant that dubs itself a museum and an art gallery and features an overhead entryway of wine bottles is worth a visit. Barbacoa is a feast for the senses. The open-fire grilled steaks won’t let you forget why you came to the restaurant in the first place, and the gorgeous antique and art-filled interior will make you reluctant to leave. (Don’t worry, your vegetarian friends will not leave hungry either.) Table-made guacamole and a glass of wine will start the evening off on the right note.

Boise, Idaho is a great place to live or visit. It takes its nickname “The City of Trees” seriously, but don’t discount its emerging foodie scene. Named a culinary hotspot a few years ago, Boise is a great place to get a delicious meal.