Where To Eat with Your Dog

A growing number of cafes and restaurants across the U.S. are opening their doors to their diners' four-legged friends. From drive-ins, cafes and even high-end restaurants, your doggies can join you for a meal out, as long as they are well-behaved, of course.

Many eating establishments now welcome well-behaved, leashed dogs in their outside dining areas. Some dog-friendly restaurants even have doggy menus and provide treats and water bowls. Many places also host dog-focused events where canine companions are welcome.

U.S. Dog Friendly Restaurants

So, if you'd like to dine out with man’s best friend, here's a selection of dog friendly restaurants across America:

Johnny Rockets

If you fancy a burger in the company of your furry friend in southern California, some Johnny Rockets restaurants have a doggy menu. Your pooch can order carob ruffles, a hamburger or even ice cream.

Belltown Pub

Seattle is often said to be one of the most dog-friendliest cities in the U.S., so it's no surprise that the Belltown Pub offers a welcoming atmosphere for both dogs and humans. Outside has patio seating, and leashed dogs are allowed to come inside for dinner where they can choose from their own menu.

Sonic Drive-In

If you just want to use the drive-in, then your dogs can sit in the car with you while you enjoy your meal. But as rules vary across different locations, make sure you check with staff before taking your dog onto the patio area.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

As you might expect from their name, Lazy Dog is happy to welcome your canine companion. Lazy Dog offers a doggy menu with meals like plain hamburgers and chicken breasts, along with brown rice. Nineteen Lazy Dog restaurants dot the west coast, and each has a dog-friendly patio.

Mutts Canine Cantina

Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas has a 200-seat patio, dog pools and a 1-acre members-only dog park that splits dogs up by size. There's also a packed menu for both humans and canines. If you aren't a member, take Fido to the patio where leashed dogs are welcome. Your dog can indulge in hotdogs, ice cream and even a pupsicle.

Shake Shack

Each Shake Shack offers a dog menu, so hounds can relax in the outside dining area. They can even indulge in a Pooch-ini or just enjoy some dog biscuits.

Watering Bowl

Denver's Watering Bowl is a family-friendly tavern with an outside dog-friendly patio and a 700-square feet dog area with picnic tables and dog pools. The Watering Bowl also hosts dog-centered events like birthday parties, Bark Mitzvahs and even doggy weddings.

Call Ahead

Many other restaurants with patios will allow dogs. But rules can vary by location, so you should always call ahead to make sure your pet is welcome. Use these websites to find out which establishments allow pets and even ones that offer a doggy menu.

Dog Dining Etiquette

While many restaurants welcome dogs, owners must make sure they stick to the rules. Dogs should always be kept on a leash and be well-behaved. Keep your dog close to your table or chair and out of the way of the waiting staff. Bring your own dog bowl, or ask the waiting staff for a paper or plastic cup for water.

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Article Provided by Jenny Holt.