Where To Find The Healthiest Food In Hawaii

Health continues to be a top priority in America, and some states are healthier and happier than others. In a recent survey, it found that Hawaii is where you can find the healthiest people in the country, and this is the 7th time that The Aloha State was named as the state with the best overall wellbeing by the Gallup polling firm. With its natural landscape that offers various opportunities for outdoor activities, as well as gorgeous views that can promote better mental health, it’s no wonder why the people of Hawaii are happy and thriving. This could also be the reason why tourists often come in droves to experience the healing and therapeutic effect of this destination. But apart from its natural scenery and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is where you can find delicious food that can be beneficial to your health. If you’re wondering where to find the healthiest and tastiest food, learn more about Hawaiian food and check out these Hawaiian establishments on your next visit.

Is Hawaiian food genuinely healthy?

Some of the modern Hawaiian food found in establishments all over the islands are indulgent and inventive— think about the Spam musubi, or the comforting loco moco, which is a hamburger patty topped with egg and served over rice with gravy. However, some of the healthier offerings on the island are not only low in calories, but they’re also essential to have enhanced muscle strength and growth. For instance, poke and Lomi-Lomi salmon, dishes that contain fresh fish can help to build muscles, and when paired with muscle building exercises and selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS, you can build a better body that’s ready to take on all sorts of water and outdoor activities in Hawaii. After you’ve sampled the local dishes, head on over to these restaurants for healthy and delicious fare that will satisfy your cravings.

Banan, 2301 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu

Banan is famous for its farm-to-table concept and healthy dishes made from local ingredients. Locals frequent this establishment for its dairy-free soft serve made from fruits such as bananas, ginger, and acai. But apart from its healthy take on ice cream, you can also get acai, quinoa, or granola bowls here that you can eat for breakfast or as a filling snack. Try the Original Banan Bowl, which contains quinoa, coconut, honey, papaya, pineapple, and strawberries topped with a generous serving of banana soft-serve.

Nalu’s South Shore Grill, 1280 South Kihei Road, Maui

Nalu’s has a casual vibe that’s perfect for families, and this Maui establishment offers a vegetarian version of the Loco Moco. Instead of a burger patty, you get a tofu-spinach-quinoa patty over brown rice and mushroom gravy and served with a classic macaroni salad. Their roasted beets and goat cheese salad are also a hit among weight watchers, as well as their raw salad that contains a mix of greens, pumpkin seeds, carrots, tomatoes, and sprouts.

Ai Love Nalo, Kalaniana’ole Highway, Waimanalo

Ai Love Nalo features nutritious and sustainable dishes that are filling and full of flavor. Try the Medi Bowl, which has millet tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, falafel, and beet hummus. For dessert, get the Parfait, a sweet treat that contains poi, avocado, sweet potato, dates, ginger, and banana. Pair your food with a glass of kombucha or an avocado smoothie made with coconut milk and chia seeds.

Hawaii is not only the best place to go to for relaxation, but it’s where you can find healthy and satisfying food that feeds the body and soul. Check out these establishments on your next visit and enjoy good food as you take in the sights and sounds of the Aloha State.

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