Why whine when you can have fantastic wine in Seattle

Stop whining. There are plenty of places with fantastic wine to explore in Seattle. Here are a few of our favs.

Four Seasons

It goes without saying that you’ll be well taken care of at the Four Seasons. Goldfinch Tavern is an Ethan Stowell restaurant with a nice view of Puget Sound located in the Four Seasons. Wine seekers can find a variety of wines by the glass, even champagne and sparkling wine. The wine list is constantly changing, as is the food menu. If you go in for the wine, be prepared to sample the food. Expect many halibut, crab, oysters, and other local and seasonal ingredients, like morel mushrooms, prepared.

Local 360

With the goal of sourcing ingredients and wine from a 360-mile radius, this Belltown gem of a restaurant satisfies the local economy and the local taste buds. All the wines are from wineries also within the 360-mile radius. You'll find some beauties from Walla Walla, Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley, and Willamette Valley. And, there is a seasonal wine feature with an option for a wine flight. This season, which is sadly almost over, they are featuring rosé.

Taylor Shellfish

There are currently four Taylor Shellfish locations! You are guaranteed the freshest of fresh shellfish here, and what goes better with shellfish? Wine. Their list is short and sweet with a white and rose wine focus. Pair the Jean-Louis Denois, Blanc de Blanc, or the Nicolas Marillart Champagne Brut, Premier Cru with a dozen or so Kumamoto and Kusshi oysters, and you'll be cozying up next to your loved one.


Café Campagne

French wine lovers will find a fine variety of wines at this cute little cafe located in Pike Place Market. Wait till you see this endless wine list. It's hard to believe such a small cafe can hold so many wines! Secure a glass of sparkling Moutard champagne while perusing the extensive wine list. By the time you finish your champagne, you'll be through the list and ready to order a bottle of Beaujolais red to pair with the 1/2 roasted chicken.