Wings to Sing for Around Seattle

Spicy, savory and slathered with sauce, wings are a much-loved dish throughout the city. But with so many menus offering their take on the best wings in Seattle, it can be tough to choose your go-to spot for wings. The Where To Eat Guide is here to help, with our list of restaurants with wings to sing for around Seattle.


Photo credit: Vittlemonster

Photo credit: Vittlemonster

Ballard Loft | 5105 Ballard Ave NW | 206-420-2737

As one of Seattle’s top sports bars (if not the top), Ballard Loft is a great place to dig into a basket of wings on game day or any day! The Loft is pretty proud of their wings - they even wrote a guide to the history of wings to give you some more background to what you’re eating. Order up the Loft Hot Wings (six or an even dozen) with your choice of sweet, savory, or spicy sauce: Hot Honey, Buffalo, BBQ, Ranch, Chipotle Aioli, Garlic Aioli, Pesto, Cilantro Cream, or Peach Habañero.


Nate’s Wings & Waffles | 1224 E. Jefferson St. | 206-629-2051

Southern comfort food doesn’t get more classic than wings and waffles, and it’s what Nate’s does best. Get your wings ‘naked’ or breaded, to taste, and have them slathered with your favorite sauce from Nate’s selection of Chipotle BBQ, Classic Buffalo, Coconut Jalapeño Lime, Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, Garlic Ginger, and Honey Sweet Chili. Choose one sauce per half-pound order, so you can mix and match!


Pestle Rock | 2305 NW Market St. | 206-466-6671

Get your chicken wings with a Thai twist! Pestle Rock specializes in delicious Thai cuisine with flavors from the Isan (northeast) region of Thailand. For their wing dish, Peek Gai Tod, Draper Valley whole chicken wings are marinated and then deep-fried for the ultimate burst of flavor with every bite. They are seasoned with Thai chili powder before serving for an extra kick.


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Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Ave | 206-728-5389

Although it’s more commonly a spot for authentic cuisine from Jordan, Turkey and the Mediterranean, Petra Bistro also makes exceptional wings. The Petra Hot Wings are deep-fried and topped with the restaurant’s beloved house garlic sauce as well as traditional hot sauce for spice. A bit of parsley and sumac tops off the dish to add a Mediterranean flourish.

Head up north to Edmonds for some amazing wings at Stars In the Sky! Fried chicken is what they do, with their original special seasoning or your choice from a selection that includes Asian Garlic Sweet, Sweet & Spicy or Extra Spicy. Then choose your dipping sauce: Honey Butter Garlic, Honey Soy, and Habañero Sweet. All chicken wing dishes are served with a pickled radish and cabbage salad.


Super Six | 3714 S. Hudson St. | 206-420-1201

Enjoy Hawaiian-style fried chicken wings at Super Six in Columbia City! These tasty wings are the top featured dish at Super Six, and can be had with your choice of Char Siu (a Chinese barbecue sauce with Hoisin, soy, honey, sherry and spices), Ono (a sauce of soy, garlic, ginger and sesame oil), or Spicy Korean sauce.



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Von’s 1000 Spirits | 1225 1st Ave | 206-621-8667

In addition to their griddled prime hamburgs, sourdough pizzas and pastas, Von’s 1000Spirits is famous for their wings! These spicy fried chicken wings are great for sharing as a snack or scarfing down all on your own for a meal.