Chef Alexander Sullivan-Parker in the House at Portland’s Swank and Swine

Alexander Sullivan-Parker, formerly of Catagna and Muselet, has taken over the Swank and Swine kitchens in the Paramount Hotel. Sullivan-Parker has stepped up the game at Swank Restaurant, refining dishes into sophisticated presentations of Americana.

“The result is generally something our guests find familiarity in but also a little intrigue. Hospitality is always in the back of mind as a chef (making people happy), but satisfaction comes when I can give people what they want, on my terms,” Sullivan-Parker explains.


Already, the Swank Restaurant dinner menu showcases some Sullivan-Parker originals: the foie gras with burnt cinnamon “bark,” praline, apple; the local foraged mushroom stroganoff with fresh pappardelle, pine mushrooms, crème fraîche; the side of panisse (chickpea fritter) with green charmoula. Sullivan-Parker is joined by Sous Chef Adam Kallio.

Local ingredients remain at the forefront — not only does locally sourced food “almost always taste better; but moreover,” as Sullivan-Parker points out, “we will leave a smaller environmental footprint by showcasing these products on our menu.  Not only do we consume less fuel, but local farmers use less unnecessary packaging and non-biodegradable plastics too.”


Swine Bar menu will stick with the southern-inspired comfort food, but keep an eye out for new dishes over the coming weeks as Sullivan-Parker looks to trim the fat and hone in on some Swine Bar signatures.

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