Where To Eat Authentic Kebabs in Seattle

Succulent and savory, kebabs are the magical barbecue of the East! Whether they’re skewers of marinated meat, or veggie and meat combos, kebabs are a delicious way to enjoy steak, chicken, pork, and lamb. From the grills of Buenos Aires, to the Mediterranean and as far as Thailand, here are the local eateries where you can find authentic different kebabs.


Buenos Aires Grill | 220 Virginia Street | 206-441-7076

The Buenos Aires Grill opened its Belltown Argentine restaurant and tango bar in September, with a focus on juicy grilled beef. When touring the city’s top spots for kebabs, you can’t miss this eatery for their USDA Prime New York Steak Skewers (Brochette de Carne). It’s kebabs of tender USDA Prime New York Strip steak cubes, skewered with veggies and maple-cured bacon, then grilled-to-order and served with hot sweet potato fries.


Photo credit: Marketeering Group.

Photo credit: Marketeering Group.

Cedar’s Restaurant | 4759 Brooklyn Ave NE | 206-527-4000

For years now, Cedar’s Restaurant in the University District has been a number-one spot to enjoy Tandoori, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisine. Their tandoori menu offers three different savory kebabs, including Chicken or Lamb Boti and Keema Kebab with ground beef, onions and fresh herbs.


Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Ave | 206-728-5389

A whole featured section of Petra Mediterranean Bistro’s menu is dedicated to Shish Kabobs in the authentic Turkish style. Choose from a seafood combo, prawns, kafta (ground beef and onions), chicken, salmon, lamb, beef or a combo of chicken, kafta and lamb. All kabobs at Petra Bistro are marinated in house spices, served over rice with a charbroiled veggie kabob, and drizzled with their housemade garlic sauce.


Shelter Lounge | 7110 East Green Lake Dr N | 206-420-7452

The second location of Shelter Lounge, in Green Lake, offers a tasty chicken kebab option that’s a great starting appetizer or a bar snack! These skewers are made with spiced jidori chicken (thigh meat), seasoned with mole, and topped with a fresh pico de gallo.


Soi | 1400 10th Ave | 206-556-4853

The barbecue kebabs of Thailand’s Issan province are brought to Seattle with Soi’s Moo Ping dish. It’s made with skewered and barbecued pork tenderloin that’s been marinated in soy sauce, garlic, coriander and coconut milk. Once cooked, the kebabs are served with nam jim jaew and a pot of sticky rice.