Where To Eat Exotic Cuisines: Introducing Kids to International Foods

A variety of flavorful Mediterranean dishes at Petra Bistro in Belltown. Photo source.

A variety of flavorful Mediterranean dishes at Petra Bistro in Belltown. Photo source.

As a parent of a young, picky eater, you’ve probably tried all kinds of tricks to get them to eat healthy foods or try something new. The delicious flavors and colorful foods at these restaurants with their exotic dishes offer the next step in taming your picky eater and expanding their diet! Here are a few highlights of where to eat exotic cuisines in Seattle, as you introduce your kids to international foods...


Annapurna Cafe | 1833 Broadway | 206-320-7770

Take your kids on a culinary journey to the faraway kitchens of Nepal, India and Tibet at Annapurna Cafe. In addition to favorite snacks/appetizers such as naan and roti, the restaurant offers some delicious soups (noodle soups, too!), curries, and entrees of the lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetarian variety.


Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Avenue | 206-728-5389

Introduce the kids to the rich flavors of Jordan and the Mediterranean! At Petra Mediterranean Bistro, kids can experience the exotic spices that are common to the eastern Mediterranean, Jordan, Turkey, and Morocco in dishes with recognizable ingredients like chicken, prawns, vegetables and rice. Give them a taste of something more unique with traditional dishes like the famous Ouzi from Jordan, Spanakopita from Greece, or Kabobs from the Middle East.


Soi | 1400 10th Avenue | 206-556-4853

Sure, kids can get comfortable with simple and favorite Thai food dishes like Phad Thai, Pad Se Ew and Red Curry, but are they really experiencing the authentic cuisine of Thailand? Not likely. Soi on Capitol Hill brings a truly traditional approach to the Thai food dishes they create, with a focus on dishes and preparation of food from the Isan (northeastern) region of Thailand. Kids will enjoy the flavorful Moo Ping (BBQ pork), but if they need a slower transition into unfamiliar Thai dishes, the restaurant’s Khao Soi is the closest to the favorite Phad Thai.


India Gate | 3080 148th Ave SE Suite 102 | 425-747-1075

Authentic Indian cuisine, with traditional dishes such as curries, Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, and naan bread are the bounty from the kitchen at India Gate Restaurant in Bellevue. Kids love classics like the naan bread with garlic, Tandoori Prawns and of course, Butter Chicken. The spices bring delicious flavor without shocking little tongues with too much spice.



Photo credit: Stephanie Forrer.

Far Eats | 2301 5th Avenue Suite 101 | 206-770-3287

With a unique blend of the flavors and techniques of authentic Indian cuisine with Pacific Northwest ingredients and the creative inspiration from Chef Geogy Chacko, Far Eats is a one-of-a-kind dining experience for both adults and kids. Try something classic like Saffron Chicken or a Biryani dish, or something new and different like Aloo Ghobi (braised eggplant in potato curry) or Banana Leaf Fish (grilled and herb-marinated white fish wrapped in a banana leaf).


Pintxo | 2207 2nd Avenue | 206-441-4042

For kids that are a little more sophisticated in their diet, and can manage a more adult atmosphere, the small bites at Pintxo offer tastes from the top culinary regions of Spain. Favorites like Bacalao Fritters, Tortilla Española, Patatas Bravas and Montaditos de Serrano, plus modern takes on other classic dishes from regions such as San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona.


The Grill from Ipanema | 2313 1st Avenue | 206-457-4885

The buffet-style dining at The Grill from Ipanema offers your family the chance to experience different dishes, without the concern of ordering an expensive entree that your child will reject. They can peruse the traditional Brazilian “Rodizio” offering, and select the authentic dishes that appeal to them. The Grill from Ipanema is on the pricier side for a family experience of exotic Brazilian cuisine, but it is certainly worth it!