Get Your Garlic Fill with These Seattle Dishes

Garlicky Cioppino at La Vita e Bella. Photo source.

Although it’s technically a vegetable, garlic is one of those ingredients that is used more like an herb or spice to add flavor and bring a dish together. It’s a staple ingredient in many ethnic cuisines around the world, with particular enjoyment in Asia and the Middle East. And during the winter, when many suffer from a cold or the flu, the immunity-boosting properties of garlic make it a wellness-promoting addition to your meal. These Seattle spots offer some delicious garlicky dishes that garlic-lovers will want to try!

Bai Tong Thai Street Cafe | 1121 E Pike Street | 206-787-8448

The Savory Garlic Delight at Bai Tong Thai is just that -- delightfully garlicky! Blended garlic cloves are tossed with Thai white pepper and your choice of protein for a delicious entree. Additional dishes that feature garlic at this restaurant include the Pad Prik, Spicy Eggplants, Pattaya Grill, Crispy Garlic Chicken, Rard Nah, Ba Mee Hang, Deep Fried White Fish, and Garlic Fish Fry - lots of garlic dishes to choose from!

Doc’s Marina Grill | 403 Madison Avenue S, Bainbridge Island | 206-842-8339

From appetizers to entrees, garlic makes a solid appearance on the menu at Doc’s Marina Grill on Bainbridge Island. A roasted garlic white balsamic vinaigrette is the star of the show for the Golden Baby Beet Salad, it accents the pasta of the Salmon Aglio e Olio perfectly, and brings together the tasty ingredients of the vibrant favorite Herbed Linguine al Fresco like a champion.

La Vita E Bella | 2411 2nd Avenue | 206-441-5322

You’ll find plenty of garlic on the menu of authentic Italian cuisine at La Vita E Bella. Starting on the appetizer menu with the sauteed prawn dish Gamberoni al Pistacchio, as well as on all Bruschette dishes including the Classica, Funghi, Melanzane, and Olive. Pasta dishes incorporating garlic are the Spaghetti al Porro, Spaghetti di Mare, and Rigatoni di Pesce. The Cioppino also has just the right amount of garlic for flavor, and the Pomodoro, Porcini, and Napoletana pizzas are garlic-friendly.

Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Avenue | 206-728-5389

Many of the entrees served at Petra Mediterranean Bistro feature the restaurant’s house made garlic sauce drizzled over the top. The hummus is also just the right amount of garlicky, and if you really want to go for broke with garlic, order the Garlic Lemon Chicken (Shish Tawook). This dish is made with tender chicken breast that is marinated in lemon, garlic and spices. It’s served over a bed of rice, and of course, topped with that tasty house garlic sauce.

Soi | 1400 10th Avenue | 206-556-4853

Like at Petra Bistro, garlic is almost a given in many of Soi’s authentic dishes from the Issan region of Thailand. The Spicy Curried Prawns and Moo Ping Pork tenderloin BBQ are both excellent.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers | 17705 140th Avenue NE, Woodinville |

Looking for something garlicky that’s a bit more casual? Head a little bit out of town to visit Teddy’s Bigger Burgers in Woodinville. The joint has three garlic burgers: The Greek, with feta, cucumber and Greek feta vinaigrette; Kaneohe features bacon, cheddar and avocado; and the Nom Nom, with Swiss cheese, bacon and grilled onions. Yum!