Where to Get a Shrimp Cocktail in Seattle

Bloody Marys and a Tiger Prawn shrimp cocktail at Lowell’s in the Market. Photo source.

Juicy, fresh and perfectly complemented by a flavorful cocktail sauce, this dish is a favorite for pre-meal snacking or finger foods. Shrimp cocktails are excellent party food, often making an appearance at many a holiday table or party appetizer. Even better… the shrimp cocktails at most of these Seattle spots are also gluten free, so those with dietary restrictions can enjoy without worry!

Doc's Marina Grill | 403 Madison Avenue S, Bainbridge Island |  206-842-8339

The Peel and Eat Shrimp at Doc’s Marina Grill is fresh and tender, perfectly poached and served with a unique green tea cocktail sauce. This place is excellent for approachable seafood dishes, and the Peel and Eat Shrimp makes the perfect starter. Enjoy by the half pound, or the full pound if you’ve got a group!

Duke's Chowder House | Multiple Locations

Get the best of both worlds with the Crabby Prawn Cocktail at Duke’s Chowder House! Wild prawns PLUS Dungeness Crab Maris legs… served with Duke’s famous Bloody Mary cocktail sauce. If you’re alone, get the “Baby” version with just one prawn and one crab leg, for the perfect appetizer. Gluten free!

Los Agaves | 1514 Pike Place Market Ave, #7 | 206-344-4000

The shrimp cocktail at this tidy Mexican cafe in the heart of Pike Place Market has a tasty twist! The appetizer has juicy shrimp in a cocktail with citrus-infused avocado on top. It looks pretty, too!

Lowell's Restaurant | 1519 Pike Place | 206-622-2036

Prawns are one thing, and Tiger Prawns take a shellfish cocktail to a whole new level. Lowell’s restaurant in Pike Place Market serves up a winning shrimp cocktail featuring Tiger Prawns with the place’s housemade cocktail sauce for dipping.

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar | Multiple Locations

Where oysters and seafood are found at their finest! Taylor Shellfish serves up a cocktail of large wild prawns that are poached, then chilled and served shell on with cocktail sauce.