Hummus Picks for Hungry Seattleites

Housemade hummus at Petra Bistro. Photo source.

It’s no wonder hummus is such a universally loved food… it’s dippable, spreadable, smooth, and makes the perfect snack or side dish when served with a fluffy and warm pita. Pick some up at these spots in Seattle.

Lecosho | 89 University St | 206-623-2101

This downtown spot serves up plates that blend European influence with Pacific Northwestern ingredients, and the Pan Seared Salmon with red beet hummus is no exception. The kitchen tops off this ultra-fresh dish with black quinoa, baby beets, sunflower pesto, and tarragon -- all perfectly northwest fresh.

Petra Bistro | 2501 4th Ave | 206-728-5389

It’s only natural that you’ll find some of the best authentic hummus at Belltown’s favorite Mediterranean spot. Order it as an appetizer with warm pita to share with the table, or opt for a side order with your entree. Other hummus selections include the Hummus Royale (served with pita and topped with grilled meat of your choice: lamb, beef, gyro, or chicken), Mosabaha (hummus mixed with cooked chickpeas, topped with sautéed almonds and pine nuts, and served with pita), the Mezza Tray (available in a lunch or dinner sized assortment of hummus, baba ghanouje, labnie, olives, falafel, dolmathes, and warm pita), and the Veggie Combo (hummus, baba ghanouje, dolmathes, and falafel served over rice and topped with garlic and tahini sauce).

Red Cedar & Sage | 1501 Pike Pl #200 | 206-538-0377

Just a few steps up from Pike Place Market, enter Red Cedar & Sage for a varied menu that focuses on fresh eats, including the hummus wrap featuring red pepper, spinach, tomato, and optional chicken -- all rolled up inside a sundried tomato flour tortilla. If you’re looking for an appetizer before your entree, why not double up on the hummus? Start with the plate of roasted garlic hummus with vegetable crudité.

Tin Lizzie Lounge | 600 Queen Anne Ave N | ​206-282-7407

Revel in speakeasy vibes while snacking on a unique coconut and curry hummus served with naan and veggies. Scoop, dip, and shovel, because this hummus is worth it!

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