Last Call for Summer Cocktails in Seattle

A delicious Blackberry Mojito at Agave Cocina & Tequilas. Photo credit Marketeering Group.

Summer cocktails are all levels of sweet, refreshing and sometimes fruity - we miss their bright, uplifting nature come Fall. While fall-styled cocktails are their own kind of delicious, don’t miss out on the last of the summer cocktails!

Absinthe Brasserie | 2400 1st Avenue | 206-441-5132

With absinthe in the name, you’ll certainly find some exciting different spirits of the ‘green fairy’ variety at Absinthe Brasserie. The green-tinted spirit with a flavor essence of black licorice also makes an appearance in several of the establishment’s summer cocktails… an absinthe version of a Moscow Mule - the Verte Mule - is absolutely delicious, and the White Death in the Afternoon cocktail with Champagne and Germaine-Robin absinthe is a refreshing and bubbly summer special.

Agave Cocina & Tequilas | 100 Republican Street #100 | 206-420-8195

Step beyond the classic margarita as summer ends, with some spectacular summer cocktails at Agave Cocina & Tequilas. These beverages are inspired to pair perfectly with the tasty Mexican dishes the restaurant curates, from the Tamarind & Jalapeño Margarita and Blackberry Mojito, to the French Fusion, which features Yazi ginger vodka, mango, lemon, lime, St. Germain, champagne and grapefruit.

Doc’s Marina Grill | 403 Madison Avenue South, Bainbridge Island | 206-842-8339

During the summertime, it doesn’t get any better than grilled seafood with a glass of rosé! There’s just a short time left to sample the rosé offering at Doc’s Marina Grill, along with their other tasty summer cocktails, while they last.

La Isla | 2320 NW Market Street | 206-789-0516

Get a sample of summer in liquid form at La Isla, with three summertime-themed cocktails to pair with your Puerto Rican cuisine. The Arnold Palmtree is a special tropical take on the favorite lemonade and tea beverage combination, and the Spanish Cocktail and Sun Splash are exquisitely refreshing and deliciously fruity.

Tin Lizzie Lounge | 600 Queen Anne Avenue North | 206-282-7407

With a speakeasy theme, Tin Lizzie Lounge is an excellent spot to imbibe tasty cocktails - classic recipes or unique twists on favored beverages. And, with six different Mules from around the world, fruity brunch cocktails and creations like The 1961 Ferarri 250GT California (Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Amaro Nonino, Ramazzotti, Cherry Herring, orange bitters and Fernet), there are lots of summery sipping opportunities at Tin Lizzie Lounge.