Special Seattle Spots for a Great Wrap

The Spring Roll at Thai Ginger, deconstructed for the beauty shot. Photo credit: Marketeering Group.

The Spring Roll at Thai Ginger, deconstructed for the beauty shot. Photo credit: Marketeering Group.

Light, fresh, and full of all of the goodies (but low on gluten), wraps are a delicious meal any time of day. Check out these great spots around the city where you can bite into a great wrap...


Bell + Whete | 200 Bell St. | 206-538-0180

Timeless recipes are reinterpreted for the modern palate at Bell + Whete in Belltown. And the yummy Quinoa & Truffled Mushroom Wrap is a definite must! It’s stuffed with ripe avocado, bitter greens and sweet onions for a truly delicious dinner.


Sprout | 512 2nd Ave | 206-973-3766

One thing I think totally works about Sprout’s model is that every item on the menu can be enjoyed as a salad OR a wrap. That’s awesome for the totally gluten-free diet, and also just for changing things up. From classic combos like Caesar or Cobb, to Sprout specialties like Peanut Square or South by Northwest, there’s something for everyone.


Thai Ginger | Multiple Locations

When noshing on Thai food at Thai Ginger, you simply cannot skip the amazing Chicken Lettuce Wrap! It arrives deconstructed, so you can wrap your chicken, oyster mushrooms and ginger to-taste in each lettuce leaf. It’s a gluten-free, and amazingly delicious appetizer. The spring rolls are also absolutely fantastic - light wonton stuffed with veggies and spices, deep fried and served with plum sauce for dipping.


Teddy's Bigger Burgers | 17705 140th Ave NE, Woodinville | 425-408-1604

Head out of town to Woodinville to grab a bigger burger, or better yet, a burger-turned-wrap at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. What’s great about this approach is the flexibility for both health and dietary reasons. Imagine digging into a lettuce wrap stuffed with the ingredients from the burger above. You can get all of the burger goodness without the gluten or added calories from a bun!


Veggie Grill | Multiple Locations

Fast-casual but all-around delicious (and good for you, too!), Veggie Grill is a dependable spot to get a really tasty wrapped snack in the form of the Buffalo Mini Wrap. The flour tortilla encased crispy Buffalo Chickin’ tenders, crunchy lettuce and a drizzle of creamy ranch to cool down the heat of the buffalo flavor.