The Top Trends In Fine Dining, From Gourmet Garden Weddings To Mixing Up The Menu

Americans are feeling the pinch, and yet, one of the areas not suffering is catering. According to MarketWatch, the average American spends more every month on restaurants and takeouts, bringing restaurants back from the brink. Part of the reason for this is flexibility. While couples are paying more in restaurants, they’re spending less elsewhere - for instance, at weddings, where many want catered to from home. While that suggests a drop in quality when it comes to catering, the truth is that home weddings are becoming just as good as fully outdoor, catered events, thanks to enterprising food brands and restaurants.

Backyard benefits

The pandemic brought with it a revolution in food delivery. Increasing numbers of restaurants started to provide their food via delivery; according to McKinsey, profits have tripled. As a result, they are indicating the massive growth of the business. Individuals who opt for a home wedding can afford good quality food and even gourmet options. Furthermore, the backyard wedding has enabled this trend even more. The size of the area, and the presence of clear air, means that food can be made and served safely and securely, with a friendly environment to enjoy; promoting the food, promoting the catering firms or restaurants who prepare it, and improving the day.

Changing up the menu

According to SquareUp, another big reason behind the ever-improving fate of restaurants is a commitment to changing menus. Seasonal eating is a significant driver behind this and is good news for restaurants. Seasonal eating is cheaper, more sustainable, and, crucially, tastier. Meaning restaurants can stand to gain a lot from promoting it and provide a much more immersive eating experience. This flexibility is critical in keeping customers engaged and coming through the door to enjoy catered meals.

The takeout takeover

While a familiar story, the significant impact of the takeout revolution cannot be underestimated. According to Deloitte, 20% more individuals will seek to order food via takeout once the pandemic has been entirely quelled, and 12% fewer individuals will head to restaurants. Restaurants, as a result, have massively upped their game. That’s true whether it’s for the gourmet productions being put out for the wedding industry, as highlighted, or for ‘cook at home’ fine dining experiences, which have been marketed by some of the biggest and most well-established eating brands globally. Restaurants looking to succeed in the modern game must have the capacity for delivery, regardless of how big or small they are. Takeout is the defining factor in the contemporary restaurant scene.

This is good news for consumers. Restaurants have come to terms with some realities in recent years, pushed forward mainly by a need to stay in business. But, as it happens, the new, consumer-focused, and sustainable future is good for business, too.