Top Foodie Influencers – Portland, Oregon

Spring is practically here. Longer nights and warmer days are near. It is time to wake up from winter hibernations, cheer up, freshen up, and prepare yourself for the beloved and long-awaited vacation season, aka Spring Break. This month, we feature two of our favorite Portland, Oregon food explorers. Yes, you can call them Foodies! They bring their unique palates to the world of social media and more. We appreciate them sharing with us. Enjoy!


Bob, a.k.a. PDX Food Bro, is a proud member of the Buffalo Bills Mafia, and he will judge you based on what dipping sauce you use on your chicken wings. He does his best cooking when proteins are involved and has recently become obsessed with perfecting his wood-fired pizza-making skills. If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, it would be hamburgers.

Check out his top recommendations where to eat burgers and chicken!


Roxana, aka Roxysgoodeats, was born in LA but resided in Portland with her husband and two young kids. Her love for food stems from the deep food cultures of her immigrant parent's home countries of El Salvador & Vietnam. She started taking pictures at an early age to document her recipes alongside her Abuelita or from her world travels. Roxy now shares her visual catalog of dishes around Portland and beyond. She specializes in spotlighting everything from trending to hidden food gems.

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