Top Keto Restaurants in Seattle

Over the past decade or so, diets have become almost as fleeting as the fashion trends we see year after year. Some diets, such as keto, do sport considerable staying power, however. The ketogenic diet has officially become the USA’s favorite diet after a Google search analysis by Supplement Place found that Americans are more interested in keto than any other diet. Although being on a keto diet does have both its advantages and disadvantages (just like any other diet), one of the biggest complaints is that there aren’t enough keto-friendly eating establishments around. Thankfully, you have many options to choose from in Seattle for your Keto lifestyle.


Asadero Ballard is big on healthy fats.

If you want to optimize your weight loss efforts while on keto, you must consume the right food. If you don’t eat enough fat, for example, you might find that you stop losing weight while also feeling hungry and tired all the time. Luckily, the menu at Asadero Ballard sports a range of delectable items oozing flavor and filled with healthy fats. The jalapenos-bacon-cheese Doritos are a massive hit among keto followers, while the finger-licking 16 oz La Carne Asada Wagyu is another hot favorite among keto dinners. There are nearly 20 keto-friendly items on the menu, earning this Leary Avenue eatery a spot on your list of places to visit.

FOB Poke Bar uses the freshest ingredients

Suppose you are looking for fast, healthy keto meals, head on over to FOB Poke Bar, a Hawaiian-style poke bar situated in Belltown. Patrons can choose between 3 different-sized bowls in which to build their healthy, aromatic keto meals. Start with a base such as spinach or kale and add your mix-ins. Next, you need to pick a protein. Keto followers will be blown away by the selection, including grilled chicken, salmon, seared tuna, yellowtail, beef, and shrimp. Toppings are unlimited, and once again, a large variety of keto-friendly options such as avocado, cherry tomatoes, fried garlic, and cucumber.  

The Walrus and the Carpenter

If you follow a keto diet and consider yourself a fan of Lewis Caroll, you should pay The Walrus and the Carpenter a visit. The eatery, situated in Ballard Avenue, is a whimsical space that follows Caroll’s poem with precision. The menu is vibrant and diverse, just like the décor, and caters to a keto enthusiast’s every need. There are many keto-friendly menu items to choose from, such as a delectable dish consisting of grilled sardines and Brussel sprouts, halibut collar served with Calabrian chili, parsley, and lemon, and fragrant steamed artichokes served with a decadent keto-friendly aioli and vanilla salt.

Seattle is a perfect place to be if you are one of literally millions of Americans embracing a keto diet. However, regardless of where you may find yourself in the city, you will never be too far from a restaurant serving delicious keto meals.


About the Author:

Jennifer Kelly is a food-obsessed freelance writer who loves to explore as many cuisines as possible. When not eating and writing, she spends time with her kids and pack of three dogs, visiting the beach as much as possible.