Top Seattle Dining for Casual Autumn Dining

Seattle has never had a shortage of esteemed eateries where diners can indulge in some of the best food in the country. Hot summer days are starting to make way for cooler weather. Locals and visitors are looking for spots where they can enjoy casual autumn dining. From feasting on authentic Cuban cuisine, enjoying super smokehouse classics to indulging in the best wood-fired pizzas money can buy. Here’s a closer look at just three excellent Seattle dining eateries known for their memorable cooler weather dining experiences.

Have a good time at Mojito

Head on over to Mojito in Maple Leaf. If you are looking to let your hair down in a casual space while enjoying superb Cuban food. The colorful spot has been serving top-notch food and drinks to the Seattle community for close to two decades. Cuban delicacies filled the menu with braised pork, tostones, seafood, and arepas. There is no shortage of rum, lime, and mint cocktails. The chances are good that the owner will give your group a round of tequila shooters. Whether you are 21 or 51, an evening of enjoyable care-free dining is bound to make you relive some of the best moments of your youth. So please put on your party dress, dust off your dinner jacket, and experience Cuban cuisine and hospitality at its best.

Lady Jaye boasts a fire pit for heat.

Although the temperatures have not dropped too much yet, there is a definite nip in the air some evenings. However, the cool autumn air is no match for Lady Jaye’s tasty comfort food and a balmy fire pit out on the patio. Lady Jaye’s is not just a restaurant. It’s a complete experience. You can’t go wrong with any menu items, including a Steakhouse Wedge Sandwich and Cornmeal-Old bay Crusted Fried White Prawns. The cocktail menu is equally alluring, with Guns ‘n Rosemary, Straw-Barry Manilow, and Ginja Turtle counted among the favorites. The West Seattle eatery provides patrons with a memorable dining experience in a casual yet vibrant setting. The dress code is simple, so a pair of stylish yet comfortable black jeans paired with a basic tee and jacket will do the trick.

The Masonry makes pizza just suitable.

If it is casual dining you are after, look no further than The Masonry, which has not one but two branches in Seattle, one in Queen Anne and one in Fremont. Although the wood-fired pizzas are among the most popular items on the menu, the mouth-watering burgers served with homemade chips also make for perfect cooler weather dining. Apart from delicious food, diners can also indulge in a large selection of craft beer and expertly-prepared cocktails. The eateries are bright and welcoming, and bold splashes of color and ambient lighting contribute to a welcoming ambiance. Of course, there is no need to dress to the nines when dining at the Masonry. However, the nippier weather provides the perfect excuse to bring out your cold-weather attire that has been sitting in your cupboard all year.

The weather may be slowly changing, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy a spot of casual dining. In fact, with so many excellent cooler weather simple dining options available, you may not know where to book a table first.

About the Author:

Jennifer Kelly is a food-obsessed freelance writer who loves to explore as many cuisines as possible. When not eating and writing, she spends time with her kids and pack of three dogs, visiting the beach as much as possible.