Palate Pleaser: Brunch at The Fireside


It’s almost March, so how are your new year’s resolutions holding up? Are you still hitting the gym? Have you stopped biting your nails? Have you started using your piggy bank for something other than a paperweight for your bills?

If not, don’t feel bad, this is a judgment-free zone. And to help you out, I’ve got one resolution that will be a piece of cake to keep:

Eat more brunch.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to eat more brunch? Aren’t three meals a day enough?” Quit talking to yourself and listen to me. The beauty of brunch is three-fold:

  1. When you’ve had a late Saturday night, brunch is your best friend when Sunday morning rolls around. Brunch can fall anytime from late morning to early afternoon, so there’s no need to pull yourself out of bed before the crack of noon.
  1. Brunch food is the best of both worlds. Whether you want the heartiness of breakfast or the sandwich-ness of lunch, brunch has got your back.
  1. Day drinking.

My expert opinion is to head straight to Fireside in NW Portland for a Sunday brunch you won’t soon forget. Snuggled right in the middle of trendy NW 23rd, Fireside prides itself on creating dishes with ingredients from the greater Portland area. It has a friendly atmosphere with a noteworthy fireplace and open-air dining. In other words, Fireside is “a neighborhood joint.”  Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or to have a few laughs at the bar, Fireside nailed the ambiance, creating the perfect balance between cozy and couture

My only difficulty at Fireside was deciding what to order off the impressive brunch menu. After long contemplation between the soft scrambled duck eggs, smoked trout salad—and everything else on the menu—I finally opted for Fireside’s brunch specialty. My three baked eggs were baked and served in a single cast iron skillet, topped with bacon, frisee, and sunchokes, with toast on the side. It took bacon and eggs to a whole other level, and I was not disappointed. Paired with my Fireside Mimosa, made with blood orange juice, Zucca, and sparkling wine, I was one happy camper.


My dining companion also chose wisely. His braised lamb hash, served with pickled squash, Brussels sprouts, and eggs sunny side up, had me sneaking bites off his plate while he was otherwise occupied with his Verde Maria. For those who don’t know, Fireside’s Verde Maria is a spicy complement to the Bloody Mary. A mix of tequila, green chili, lime, celery bitters, and Kummel, the Verde Maria tastes like salsa dancing on a hot Acapulco night…just trust me.

As if the food, drink, and allure of a welcoming fireplace on a cloudy Portland day weren’t enough to get you into Fireside, the customer service I received was excellent as well. My waiter was friendly, helpful, and happy. He didn’t even make fun of me when I couldn’t figure out the secret camouflage door to the washroom.

Simply put, Fireside is a place to enjoy yourself with others (even if it is just you and Verde Maria).


Fireside, 801 NW 23rd Avenue

Call 503-477-9505 for reservations for parties of six or more

Brunch hours: Sundays, 10am – 3pm

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