Amazing and Unique Restaurants To Enjoy in Seattle

The holidays are coming up. Friends and family gather to celebrate. Here are two excellent and unique spots for you to enjoy in the Seattle area that will not disappoint!

Di Fiora for a tasty, unique, and uplifting dining experience

Di Fiora is an Asian and Italian fusion restaurant located in Capitol Hill. Starting with their food, their signature Di Fiora carbonara is a must-have. It’s a creamy seafood carbonara that I dreamed about for weeks after eating it for the first time. It would be best if you tried it to experience it at least once.

Photo: Nanami Tsumura

Ka Re Kurry, Crispy Garlic Chicken, and the Malaysian Coconut soup are other honorable mentions. I’ve tried a handful of other dishes there, and I will say everything I have tried so far did not disappoint!


Aside from food, their cocktails are also delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and colorful. They come in shades of green, purple, pink, and even in the rainbow.

The interior is filled with floral decor and cute lighting with transparent walls to separate each group for a more COVID-safe environment. Parking in Capitol Hill can be a pain, but there is a lot of neighborhood street parking surrounding the restaurant, so that has never been an issue, which is extremely rare for Seattle.

Everything about Di Fiora, from the interior, food, music, drinks, to service, is great. It is my number 1 recommendation go-to when I have friends and family visiting.



The Flour Box for a Holiday treat

Photo: Nanami Tsumura

The Flour Box is one of my favorite finds of 2021, it’s a small bakery located in Hillman City/ South Seattle where they serve filled brioche donuts with flavors changing bi-weekly, ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls, and drinks.

They are open Thursday - Sunday from 10 am. They sell out on a first come first serve basis. Usually, they get sold out before 1 pm. However, with the average waiting time of 1- 2 hours, let me tell you these donuts are worth the wait. 

The favorites that I’ve tried so far are the black sesame donut, creme brûlée donut and their cinnamon roll is easily the best cinnamon roll that I have ever had. The donuts are fluffy and packed with filling, and I really appreciate the thought and effort they put into the changing menu!

Photo: Nanami Tsumura

Last week their menu was Salted pistachio, Eggnog, Winter cold brew, and chocolate chunk cookie cream flavored brioche donuts. There are people who bring camping chairs and wait an hour early before opening to get a hold of these donuts, and that shows how much people love The Flour box.

They don’t have a limit on how many you can buy. It would be perfect to bring home to share with your family and friends for a nice holiday treat!

About the writer

Nanami Tsumura is an Instagram food blogger. She has focused on supporting and discovering small and local businesses in the greater Seattle area since 2015. In addition, she is a project coordinator pursuing a career in project management. As she maintains her foodie Instagram as her hobby.

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