Where to Eat Donuts in Portland, Oregon

FILLS Weekly Portland Pop Up

FILLS, which moved to its new Lake Oswego location in July, is launching a pop-up in SE Portland at its commissary kitchen (former Bar King Bakery, next to Loyal Legion), every Sunday from 10 am-1 pm, beginning Sunday, October 17th, 2021.

Folks may pre-order a box of six donuts for $20 via the FILLS website, with little donuts available onsite for walk-ins. The pre-order page will go live Tuesday at noon each week and is expected to sell out. In addition, they will be serving Good Coffee drip, and covered outdoor seating is available.

Pre-order Box for 10/17

At FILLS, the focus is on seasonality, quality ingredients, classic and unexpected flavor combinations. The pre-order box for 10/17 consists of FILLS favorites - expect to see exciting donut collaborations with Portland chefs and tastemakers in the coming weeks.

The 10/17 box includes one each of the following:

  • Boston Cream Pie - vanilla pastry cream, dipped in Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, with Jacobsen Smoked Sea Salt
  • S’Mores - toasted marshmallow pastry cream, dipped in Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, with cinnamon speculoos cookie, and a toasted marshmallow
  • Maple Bacon Butterscotch - butterscotch pastry cream, dipped in maple ganache, with applewood smoked bacon (butterscotch custard is made with Famous Grouse blended scotch)
  • Blueberry Buttermilk - house-made blueberry jam, with buttermilk glaze
  • Glazed Brioche Rings - maple brioche donut ring
  • Cruller - cinnamon fried pâte à choux

Katherine Benvenuti

FILLS Owner/Baker, Katherine Benvenuti, is excited to bring FILLS back to Portland. After a successful launch mid-2020 at the Washington Street location and the move to the Mercato Grove community in Lake Oswego, people from Portland are waiting.

Katherine Benvenuti - FILLS Owner/Baker

“Nearly every day, we get people asking us when we’re coming back to Portland. We hear you! While we’re still focusing on our Lake Oswego shop and not quite ready to reopen the downtown location, we still want to make sure our Portland friends can ‘get their FILLS.’ I’m excited to be able to create weekly rotating donut boxes, so it’ll be fun and different each week!” Katherine Benvenuti, FILLS Owner/Baker.

Follow FILLS on Instagram (@getyourfills) for more details and announcements about the PDX Pop Up and for information about pre-ordering.


About the Author:

Rachelle is a PDX based flavor-seeker! You’ll find her slurping oysters and sipping cocktails around town, foraging for mushrooms deep in the forest, or digging for razor clams at the coast.