Miami’s Top Vegan Dining Choices 

Florida is the 8th best state in the US for vegans, but it is only 15th in the number of restaurants that cater to them. Meat-free diners who are planning to visit Miami need not worry, though. There are many plant-based eateries in the city, ranging from casual meals to fine dining. Whether you’re a vegetarian, a fruitarian, or simply looking for meatless meals, there is something for everyone. These are some of the highly recommended vegan restaurants to try.

Casual Eating

May is one of the best times to visit Magic City. Car-racing aficionados will appreciate that the Formula 1 2022 Miami Grand Prix will be in town‌. After watching these finely tuned machines from around the world speed across the circuit, a healthy meal at the nearby Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin will satisfy hunger pangs. They have an all-vegan menu prepared with sustainability in mind. Yelp’s top dine-in picks are Organic Food Kings, The Cocinita Miami, and Thatch Miami. Amsterdam Falafelshop, Love Life Cafe, and BurgerFi are excellent choices for those who prefer takeout or delivery. The Plantisserie is a worthy addition to this list. Aside from offering vegan dishes, they also have an organic deli and market—perfect for those who would like to prepare their meals.

Fine Dining

Miami has a lot to offer if you are looking for haute cuisine. The Vegan Review picked Planta as one of its top choices. This upscale restaurant features classic dishes like burgers, ceviche, and sushi made from fruits and vegetables. Planta’s sister restaurant Planta Queen offers vegan versions of the most popular Asian dishes. PLANTA South Beach serves all its sisters’ meatless meals, except that you will dine on the rooftop. TimeOut recommends Le Jardinier. It is not exclusively vegan, but plants are the spotlight of its French-based menu.

Snacks And Sweets

Pizza lovers will enjoy Mora Pizza, according to The Infatuation. Their creative vegan pizzas are not the only yummy snacks. Tasty pasta, salad, and sandwiches are also on their list. For light meals, the HappyCow community loves Aguacate Juice Bar and Ali’s Sweet Treats. Aguacate Juice Bar’s plant-based smoothies, juice shots, and other snack fare are popular among their customers, while vegans with a sweet tooth will find Ali’s Sweet Treats a delight. They have cake, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastries, too. Going vegan does not mean giving up desserts. Bunnie Cakes has a wide range of dairy-free sweets, according to Thrillist.

These restaurants are proof that vegan meals can be delicious, contrary to popular opinion. Vegan food not only satisfies your taste buds; it is also key to good health. A vegan diet improves heart health, decreases the risk for cancer and type 2 diabetes, and helps you lose weight. Avoiding meat products and eating plant-based food will still give you essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and proteins. A vegan diet is a step towards a healthy lifestyle, just like Lewis Hamilton. The Formula 1 driver said in a Men’s Health interview that a vegan diet gives him more energy, a clearer mind, and keeps him in better shape.

About the Author:

Jennifer Kelly is a food-obsessed freelance writer who loves to explore as many cuisines as possible. When not eating and writing, she spends time with her kids and pack of three dogs, visiting the beach as much as possible.